Life at Tech

Me with other third-year members of the chamber choir

While I’m from the Baltimore, MD area, I’m currently enjoying the warmer weather of Atlanta, GA at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In Spring 2021, I graduated with Highest Honors with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, with concentrations in Information Internetworks and Intelligence. However, this year, I’m sticking around for two more semesters as part of Georgia Tech’s 5-year BS/MS program. I’m now studying for a Master’s in Computer Science with a specialization in machine learning.

The Alpha Sigma Phi house

On campus, I’ve been involved with a variety of organizations and clubs. I joined Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity in Spring 2018, and now that I’ve graduated, I’m a full alumnus of the chapter. Also, prior to the COVID-19 shutdowns, I was an active participant with the Georgia Tech Chamber Choir, having performed multiple times with them as both a tenor and a baritone from early 2018 to spring 2020.

Me during the deadlift portion of GT Barbell Club’s April 2021 mock meet

On top of all of that, starting in January 2021 and continuing until now, I’ve been an active member in the Georgia Tech Barbell Club, which has a focus primarily on powerlifting. In April of this year, they held a mock meet, and it was a ton of fun to participate!